Champion for a Strong Middle Class
Defend Our Democracy and Honor Our Veterans
Support Community Safety and Responsible Gun Ownership
Strengthen Rural Internet
Support Education and Childcare
Protect Social Security and Access to Healthcare
Protect our Natural Resources

Champion for a Strong Middle Class

Callie is committed to strengthening the middle class and reducing the cost of goods and services for families in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. As a mother of two, she experienced the reality of rising prices on housing, groceries, education, and gas. Inflation, price gouging, and stagnant wages affect all Michiganders and have hit Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula hard. In Congress, Callie will work to make sure we are not left behind or ignored. Her top priorities include supporting policies that grow our economy, bring good-paying jobs back home, support agriculture and small businesses in rural Michigan, and lowering costs to strengthen our middle class.

Defend Our Democracy and Honor Our Veterans

Callie knows firsthand the sacrifices that service members and their families make to protect our nation and our democracy. When Callie’s husband came home from Iraq and couldn’t get the care he needed, she fought for him and other military families with the nonprofit Blue Star Families and the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving. As an attorney, Callie continued her advocacy by representing veterans in matters before the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and providing free legal services to veterans. Callie will take care of our veterans while ensuring our national security and protecting against threats at home and abroad.

Callie will fiercely uphold our democracy and is dedicated to protecting the rights of all people to live their lives with dignity and opportunity. This includes standing up for the rights of people with physical,  mental, and intellectual disabilities and ensuring an equitable society where everyone has the freedom to speak, vote, choose, and thrive.

Support Community Safety and Responsible Gun Ownership

Callie knows that we want to live in safe communities and to do this, she supports fully funding our police officers, firefighters, and other first responders. As a gun owner and a mother, Callie also believes that when it comes to firearms, common sense makes a lot of sense. Callie believes in responsible gun ownership and respecting gun owners and our right to bear arms. Like many people in Northern Michigan, Callie grew up around guns in a family of hunters and sportsmen. Today, she lives in a gun-owning home and supports the Second Amendment and the right for law-abiding citizens to own a firearm. As a mom, Callie also knows that firearm-related injuries are now the number one killer of children in America and school shootings have become a national epidemic. It’s why she supports common sense solutions that are supported by a majority of Americans and Michiganders, including background checks, safe storage, and red flag laws to prevent firearm related injuries, school shootings, and domestic violence. Callie knows we can continue to respect the rights of responsible individuals while enacting measures that make sense.

Expand and Strengthen Rural Broadband Internet

Callie believes that investing in affordable broadband for our rural communities is an investment in our local economies, healthcare, small businesses, education, and so much more. We leave communities behind when we don’t ensure that they have the tools they need to thrive and compete in today’s economy. In Congress, Callie will join the efforts to close the digital divide and bring high-speed broadband to every corner of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. 

Support Public Education and Access to Childcare

Callie is a proud product of Michigan public schools. Following graduation from Cheboygan High School, she received her teaching degree from Central Michigan University. Today, her two children attend Michigan public schools. Callie believes that more than anything – teachers need support. We need to fully fund our public education system and trade schools so that teachers have the support they need in order for students to get the education that will help them succeed. This means trusting and paying our teachers, smaller class sizes, safer learning environments, and quality public schools no matter what zip code you live in. This includes access to early childhood education and affordable childcare. Parents also play a vital role in any child’s well being and parental involvement is the cornerstone to any student’s success. As a member of Congress, Callie will listen to teachers, parents, and students and make decisions based on what they know is best for our local communities. 

Take on Special Interest, Protect Medicare, Social Security, and Access to Healthcare

Callie knows that healthcare should be a right and not a privilege for the wealthy and well connected. No family should go bankrupt because of a medical emergency. Right now, the medical care and prescription drugs that families and seniors need is simply out of reach for too many. And, access to mental health and other healthcare services can be hard to come by. Callie will stand up to big pharmaceutical and insurance companies to lower the cost of healthcare and expand access in rural Michigan. 

Callie will also protect access to healthcare, and, specifically, women’s healthcare. In Congress, Callie will advocate for all people to make their own medical decisions, free from political interference. 

Protecting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security is a top priority for Callie. As a military spouse and lawyer, Callie has seen firsthand the importance of ensuring that everyone has access to quality healthcare and a way to retire. She knows that Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are lifelines for millions of seniors and families across Michigan, and she is committed to protecting it from efforts to privatize or turn it into a voucher program.

Protect Our Great Lakes and Natural Resources

The Great Lakes contain the largest body of freshwater in the world, and we must protect it. Callie grew up swimming in Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, hiking in the woods, and her family fishes and hunts. She understands the importance of responsible environmental stewardship and care for our natural resources, not only because this is a beautiful place to live, but also because our economy and public health depend on it. 

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